Research & Advocacy

Over the years, I’ve combined my health research, writing and editing skills to produce a range of content. In 2012 and 2014, I produced internationally recognised research on global health financing that shaped processes at one of the world’s leading HIV donors.

I’ve drawn on my years of editorial experience to write comprehensive and expert-reviewed how-to guides for journalists wanting to cover topics like safe abortion.

Lastly, I’ve worked with patient groups and doctors to capture their lived experiences, producing documents on access to medicine issues.

  • Test Me, Treat Me A Drug-Resistant TB Manifesto

    The “Test Me, Treat Me” DR-TB Manifesto grew out of the frustration of patients and medical care providers alike. DR-TB is fatal without treatment, lasts about two years and can have devastating side effects. Only about 50% of patients are successfully cured.

  • Abortion in South Africa: A reporting guide for journalists

    More than 20 years after South Africa’s landmark 1996 Act, we know that safe abortion saves lives but we’re still not talking about safe, legal terminations, whether at the dinner table or in the tabloids.

  • First to Go: How communities are being affected by the Global Fund crisis

    In November 2011, facing a deficit of about half a billion dollars due to unfulfilled donor pledges, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria was forced to cancel Round 11 of its funding. In March 2012, OSISA and OSF undertook research to ascertain the impacts of the funding shortfall on civil society organisations,…