Watch: How do I register for a Covid-19 vaccine in South Africa?

File photo: Self magazine

Anyone 60 years or older this year can now register to get a Covid-19 vaccine in South Africa. Here’s how.

The South African health department is asking those 60 years or older and who wish to receive a Covid-19 vaccine to register via its online portal.

Everyone who wishes to get a Covid-19 vaccine regardless of whether they have medical aid or not is required to register via the portal.

To register to get a Covid-19 vaccine, you’ll need:

  1. Your South African identification number or, if you are not a South African, your passport number. Refugees and asylum seekers may use their refugee or asylum identification numbers
  2. Your medical aid number, if you have one
  3. The number of a cellphone on which you can receive follow-up SMSes that will direct you to the date, time & location of your vaccine appointment. This could be at a private or public facility, whichever one is closest to your home or work.

After you register, you’ll receive a confirmation SMS.

Watch as the South African health department walks you through the process